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How We Work

What does a visit look like?

•For formal, bridal, or more than 2-3 General Alteration items please make an appointment, usually available same week! This will allow us to make you a priority over walk-ins.

•Upon your arrival you will be shown into a dressing room. You can change into your first item and head out to the pedestal (or we can meet you in the dressing room). If you do not need a fitting room, we will discuss your items at the front counter.

•We will review the fit of your garment(s), note what changes are needed, write up a ticket/estimate, and present that to you for approval. You will have final approval of what alterations or repairs should be made based upon your wishes and budget.

•Based upon your choices, alterations will be completed in the agreed upon time frame.

•You will receive a text (or call if needed) requesting fittings or alerting you that your items are completed. 

•You can come in and pick up your items anytime during our regular business hours!



How much does a pant hem cost?

A basic single layer rolled hem or blind hem costs $16.


I am renting or ordering a suit online, can you measure me? If so, how much is it?

Yes! We can measure you. We do not charge and you do not need measurements. We also do women's measurements.


Do you do Upholstery?

No, we do not do upholstery on furniture, vehicles, or boats. We will repair cushions and pillows or hem curtains though.


What else do you work on?

We can and do work on anything we can fit under our machines. This includes tents, stuffed animals, sleeping bags, dog toys, bags, costumes, and more.


What if I can't come pick up my item the day it is ready?

We hold on to garments for up to 1 year from completion date. After that garments will be sold or donated.


Can you Replace My Zipper? If so, how much is it?

We can replace zippers, but we like to verify that it can't be fixed first. We have to see the zipper on the item in person to determine if it needs fixed or replaced. If it can be fixed, it is usually $15-20.. If we have to replace the zipper, it is anywhere from $35-120. Specialty zippers (such as water proof) are additional on top of that.


Do you charge for fittings?

No, we do not charge for fittings. Appointments are appreciated for multiple items and formal wear and required for Bridal.


Do you make custom garments from scratch?

Yes, we are capable of making garments from scratch. They are charged at the standard $60/hour rate for all work and we require a minimum of 3 months and 4 fittings. Most garments start at 5 hours ($300) of work and very quickly go up from there. We require half the estimated cost as a down payment to begin the work. 


Do I need to do anything special before brining my item(s) in?

Items should be washed prior to being brought in to minimize damage to our machines. If the item cannot be washed, please remove as much of the loose particles and dust as possible. 

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