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What is Bridal?

We consider Bridal to be any work on gowns sold as wedding dresses, ballgowns, and wedding accessories. Wedding accessories include veils, garters (made from dress scraps), ring pillows (custom made to match theme), etc. We alter and repair bridal gowns or ballgowns and can add or remove elements of your gown and sometimes modify the shape of your gown. We can (sometimes) use scraps from the alterations process or additional materials brought in to us to make custom veils, garters, and/or ring pillows from scratch. We do not make gowns from scratch.

The process for gowns usually takes 3+ months from the first fitting to the event date. This is due to the need for multiple fittings after the first one. Depending upon the volume and type of alterations needed we may need anywhere from 1-6+ secondary fittings. Accessories usually take 2+ months for similar reasons. We can give you a better idea of how many fittings may be needed after the first appointment. We do not charge for fittings. We can usually complete your garments faster, but additional charges do apply.


To start, we need an appointment (usually 1 hour) where the person wearing the gown can come into the shop, try on the dress, and we can pin/mark and discuss the alterations needed. After we are in agreement about which alterations are desired or needed, an estimate will be typed up detailing those changes and providing an estimated time to compete each change, which provides the estimated total cost. The person wearing the gown can then determine if all, some, or none of the alterations will be completed by us. If all alterations are approved, the estimate will be signed and work can begin. If some of the alterations are approved, an updated estimate will be created and signed. If none of the alterations are approved, the dress leaves with you and nothing is owed. If the alterations need to stop in the middle of the process, you will be charged for the work completed to that point. After the first round of alterations are made, a secondary appointment will be made (usually 30 min) and we will check the fit of changes that have been made and potentially mark additional changes. This process will repeat until the gown fits as needed. The goal is to have the dress out 3 weeks before the event. We like to have the final fitting as close to 4 weeks prior to the event as possible. The dress can stay at the shop as close to the event as desired, so long as it is picked up during regular business hours. 

Alterations start at $60/hour and may go up depending upon timeline. This will be discussed at your first appointment. In general, 3+ months is charged at $60/hour, approx. 2 month lead time is charged at $90/hour, and less than 1 month lead time is charged at $120/hour.

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