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Who We Are

Your Wenatchee Valley Alterations Specialists 

Locally owned since 1981

Owners since 2022 - Jessica and Carl Knowles

All About Us

Jess grew up in the Methow Valley and moved to the Wenatchee Area to get her AA Degree. While in Wenatchee, she met Carl doing a show at WVC and married him about 2 years later. Growing up, Jess watched her mom rock being a small business owner and always wanted to follow that example. To prepare for her dream future, she got her Bachelor’s in Marketing Management at WGU. After moving back to the Wenatchee Area in 2021, the couple was offered the chance to purchase Pins & Needles and thus achieve a stable career for both that also kept a much-needed service in the community thriving.

In her free time Jess enjoys volunteering with Two Rivers Medieval Faire (2RMF), playing board games or table top role playing games, and reading. During her time with 2RMF she has been Games and Crafts Area Coordinator, Merchant Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Performance Coordinator, Treasurer, and is now Director. Faire is very special to Jess, so she is happy to help out where ever she can. Her top three board games are Mysterium (similar to Clue), Flamecraft (adorable Dragons growing a market square), and Shifting Stones (a more complex tic-tac-toe). While playing DnD, Druid is her prefered class, but anything with long range capabilities is fun! Any type of book, so long as it's not horror/thriller and has a good plot will keep Jess enthralled for hours, especially if their kitty (Raja) curls up next to her.

Carl was born and raised mostly in the Wenatchee Area, and was loosely involved with local theatre productions from WHS through attending WVC. After meeting Jessica and getting married at the Renaissance Faire (in costumes he made), they headed to Ellensburg so Carl could get his BFA from Central in Theatre Design and Production, with a focus on Costumes. They then moved to Florida so Carl could do costuming for Disney World, and moved back home during the pandemic to be closer to family. Carl is excited to help his wife fulfill her childhood dream of owning a business, and looks forward to keeping it going for another 40 years!

Carl enjoys blending his passions by playing DnD with LEGO, and constantly seeks to watch more movies, and play more board games. He also volunteers with the Two Rivers Medieval Faire, and has been involved with the organization since its inception in 2007. Carl is the current Director of Marketing, and the Volunteer Coordinator for Faire. His current favorite board/card games are Red Dragon Inn (a card game with 59 currently available characters), Potion Explosion (a marble based resource gathering game), and Fury of Dracula (a team vs single player board game where famous vampire hunters try to track down and defeat Dracula). Carl is also involved with local theatre productions when time permits, and has helped costume EHS's Wind in the Willows and Leavenworth Summer Theatre's productions of Sound of Music and Secret Garden. Carl enjoys sharing his passion for sewing and costumes, and hopes to one day offer classes in the valley.

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