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What is Pressing?

We consider pressing to be any ironing, steaming, or treatment of garments to release wrinkles. This includes Wedding Gowns, Formal Dresses, Suits, daywear items, etc. We are happy to press items, even if we do not alter them.


To start, we do not require appointments, but if you feel better please book under "Other". Either by walking in or by appointment, we will discuss your item(s) or project to determine what is needed. Once the work is agreed upon, an estimate will be written up detailing that work and an estimated cost to complete. If all work is approved, we can begin. If some of the work is approved, the unapproved work will be removed from the ticket. If none of the work is approved, the item(s) leave with you and nothing is owed. If the work need to stop in the middle of the process, you will be charged for the work completed to that point based upon the number of hours of work completed.

Pressing starts at $60/hour and may go up depending upon timeline. This will be discussed at drop off. In general, 1+ week is charged at $60/hour, less than 1 weeks is charged at $60/hour plus a $20/item rush fee, less than 2 working days lead time is charged at $60/hour plus $40/item rush fee.


Appointments for pressing are not needed, please come on in during regular business hours. For any other type of work, please check out the "When We are Open​" tab.

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